Meet Kimberly Sanberg

Kimberly Sanberg serves on the Golden Valley City Council, where she has advocated for affordable housing, re-imagining public safety, and building an inclusive community.

Kimberly has a track record of serving her community, no matter where she lives. When she lived in Minneapolis, Kimberly was elected vice president of the board of directors of the Longfellow Community Council. When she moved to Golden Valley from Minneapolis in 2013, she became engaged in the city and served on Golden Valley’s Open Space and Recreation Commission. 

She was a founding organizer of Golden Valley Pride Festival, the first suburban LGBTQ+ pride festival in the state. She was a champion for a children’s indoor play area at Brookview Community Center, which helped make the Backyard at Brookview a reality. Kimberly was elected to the Golden Valley City Council in 2019. 

Kimberly and her family enjoy spending time in the community, be it paddle boarding at Medicine Lake, embracing winter at the Fire & Ice Festival in Plymouth, listening to music under the water tower at the Arts and Music Festival in Golden Valley, or enjoying summer at Parktacular in St. Louis Park.

Kimberly grew up in West Texas and graduated from Austin College, a liberal arts college. She worked at environmental and LGBTQ+ organizations in Washington, D.C., before moving to Minnesota. Kimberly has worked at nonprofits and small businesses throughout her career and is a small business owner herself. She lives near Brookview Park in Golden Valley with her wife, two children and two dogs.

“Our district has a history of progressive leadership. I’m running to keep our district moving forward and advocate for the issues that impact our community.”

Kimberly Sanberg

Community Involvement


  • City Council Member, City of Golden Valley
    • Council Liaison to Environmental Commission and Police Employment, Accountability, & Community Engagement Commission
    • Past: Council Liaison to Open Space and Recreation Commission and Human Services Commission
  • Executive Committee member, Northwest Suburbs Cable Communications Commission
  • Founding committee member, Golden Valley Pride Festival
  • Parent of a 2nd-grader and 4th-grader at Meadowbrook Elementary


  • Commissioner, Open Space and Recreation Commission, City of Golden Valley
  • Precinct chair, DFL Senate District 46
  • Parent of Golden Valley Little League player
  • Key advocate, Brookview Backyard Indoor Play Area, Brookview Community Center, Golden Valley
  • Volunteer campaigner, Democratic political campaigns
  • Member, Parent Advisory Board, Sunshine Valley Childcare 
  • Volunteer, Minnesotans United for All Families
  • Member, MOMS Club of Golden Valley
  • Vice President, Longfellow Community Council, Minneapolis

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Email me at KimberlySanbergMN@gmail.com


Statement from Kimberly Sanberg

February 21, 2022

When Rep. Ryan Winkler announced he wouldn’t seek re-election last year, I decided to run for House in District 46A so I could continue serving our community and advocating for affordable housing and healthcare, high-quality education and childcare, a healthy environment, and a Minnesota where everyone feels safe and valued. 

The new Minnesota legislative maps came out last week and my district (46A) changed significantly. Rep. Mike Freiberg and I are now in the same district (43B). 

After much consideration, I have made the decision not to continue running for State Representative at this time. Rep. Freiberg has served his district well and I’m confident he will continue to do so. 

I love serving on the Golden Valley City Council and am excited that I’ll be able to continue advocating for affordable housing, reimagining public safety, combating climate change, building an inclusive community, and so many other vital issues at the local level. And I look forward to supporting progressive candidates up and down the ballot in the coming months.

I want to say thank you for your support. Our campaign has had such great energy. So many of you have donated, volunteered, and become delegates to the senate district convention. THANK YOU. This isn’t a decision I took lightly and I’m so grateful for your support along the way.